Composite Family Portraits


Murray01b_2-1250Murray01b_2-1250 The composite family portrait is an innovative way to create a fabulous image of the extended family. Instead of having everyone in front of the camera at the same time, each family unit is photographed separately and the best of these images are then combined (composited is the technical term) into one seamless portrait.

This is an ideal solution for families who are unable to be all together at the same time because of schedules or distance. With the composite approach a family group unable to make the primary appointment schedules a session time of their own. Family who live far away may arrange a session during a holiday or summer vacation visit.

Composite portraits can also be created during family gatherings with everyone present. Over the course of an hour or so, each family unit has their time in front of the camera and at the end of the session all families have been photographed.

Composite portraits are a solution to “the larger the group the greater the chance of someone’s eyes being closed” maxim. Additionally, obtaining great expressions of everyone is easier with smaller groups.

Composites are also especially helpful with small children who typically have shorter attention spans and are easily distracted or even unsettled by the larger group.